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“I’d like to thank Lydie for her dynamic and proactive coaching sessions; she helped me a lot. She knew how to bring out the best in me, and helped me give the right importance and time to the true values and desires I had hidden within myself: a small miracle… These sessions gave my life a new impetus I thought impossible. Many thanks.”

“Ever since Lydie helped me understand the guilt I feel about living abroad, I’ve faced that issue head on, talked about it with my family in the US, and been much more at peace with my expat lifestyle. So, thank you, Lydie :-)”

“I’ve been working with Lydie in a difficult time in my life and her compassion, empathy, love and spiritual guidance really helped me navigate the situation I was in. I feel more grounded and confident, trusting I have all the resources I need within myself to face whatever life throws at me. I really enjoyed my sessions with Lydie, and every time I was very much looking forward to our meetings. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

I have started my coaching sessions with Lydie with the objective to rethink my professional orientation. I finally ended up reflecting on my overall life and how I can live it to the fullest. Lydie helps me through this journey with a very simple but effective approach, and with a lot of kindness. She made me realise that having a good life does not need to go through a complex intellectual approach, but rather listen to your heart and intuitions. I am still learning but I now know I am on the right path!

“I would like to thank Lydie for her professionalism and insight. She has helped me overcome a difficult period in my life (divorce after 25 years of marriage). The twelve sessions of holistic life coaching with Lydie allowed me to see much more clearly in myself and to face challenges with much more serenity than before. Less apprehension, less anger, more kindness. All this has been reflected in my life in general, with my loved ones and also in my professional life. Today, I feel at peace and I have a very clear vision of my life and what I want to do with it. I no longer feel the need to be supported by a life coach, as Lydie gave me many keys. But I won’t hesitate to take a few sessions with her when I feel the need to re-align with myself. I warmly recommend Lydie’s guidance, she is a great life coach!”

“Lydie’s coaching helped me a lot. I like her calm voice, and peaceful attitude, gentle way of explaining things to me, and her not judging me when I say something out of my mind. During the sessions, I gain more clarity about my life and purpose. Regarding my limitations, Lydie helped me identity their roots, and know how to deal with them. Also, this session really changed my mind about the ways of doing or achieving things. The homework she gives me is also really useful, as I can practice changes every day and see real progress take place in my life.”

I am really happy with this session. I know that I will take many benefits from it. Lydie created a serene and safe environment from the very beginning. I felt at ease right away and Lydie succeed to make me express things that I didn’t think I would talk about during this session. I felt that she was actively listening, with care and with the will to help me find in me my answers. I just would like to thank her for her kindness, care and for creating this safe space. 

“Lydie helped me a lot. The session with her released me from a lot of stress. She organized my thoughts and what I really wanted to say, even the part of my thoughts that I didn’t notice.”

“Lydie managed to put me at ease immediately. A benevolent voice, gentleness in her eyes, it was impossible for me to feel judged and therefore uncomfortable. I found this new approach for me constructive. Lydie led the coaching session very well. Following this hour with Lydie, some “good resolutions” are taking place in my daily life because they now seem feasible to me.”

“Lydie provided a complete atmosphere of trust and comfort. After the session, I feel that it can be possible to change my perspective about myself. I’m focusing a little more daily letting go of stress. Lydie showed compassion, patience and understanding. Because of these qualities it helped me share personal feelings without fear of being judged. Lydie stayed positive and caring which helped me to express memories that are normally ignored. Lydie is a very compassionate person and offers much positive energy.”

“I found that Lydie asked the right questions to understand my personality and that her approach was sincere and compassionate.”

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“Lydie is an incredible professional, whom we would dream of meeting much, much more often in life! Prepared, professional, empathetic, multilingual, punctual and much more than you could wish for. The quintessence of French kindness. There are simply no words to describe what she did for me. I contacted her at the last minute for an urgent situation, and she helped me in every way she could. Although she was swamped with work, she worked for me at dawn, during meals and late into the night. There are no words that can do justice to her immense professionalism and empathy. Thanks to her help, I was admitted to the leading fashion and luxury business school in France, according to CEO WORLD. Lydie was the best human and financial investment I ever made. I can say, without a doubt, that she has changed my life for the better and helped me realize one of my biggest dreams. I will certainly continue to work with her in the future. Thank you again, so much!”

“To apply to a residence permit for France, I had to submit a lot of documents to the French administration, and I asked Lydie for her support. Since she has herself lived in various countries, she knows how to adjust to your particular needs. She gave me sound pieces of advice, and provided a professional, efficient and seamless service. I am grateful to her for helping me through the process.”

“The linguistic quality of a thesis is as important as the subject studied. Lydie took care of proofreading and correcting my thesis and for this, she mobilized all her linguistic skills. I did very well with my doctoral studies in Paris, which is not easy for a Brazilian researcher, not acquainted with the French academic culture. So I also owe to Lydie my doctorate at the University Paris V – Sorbonne and the ‘very honorable with honors’ evaluation.”

“As part of the presentation of my research, Lydie helped me prepare my presentation to a group at a French University. She has not only improved the form (correction of French), but she also worked with me on the content. I think the result would not have been as compelling without her help.”

“Lydie reviewed my University Master Thesis in Arts. She not only corrected the grammar, but also the style. She has great knowledge about art, and I could rely entirely on her.  She helped me until the very last day, when I had to submit my thesis, and I sincerely thank her for that. The fact that Lydie was there to help me was a great support to finish my thesis. Thank you very much Lydie!”

“I asked an acquaintance to put me in touch with someone who could proof read my PhD thesis and Lydie was recommended to me. She not only corrected all errors in French, but she also raised some very pertinent questions about the content and I am grateful for it. In addition, the timing was very short, but Lydie is a professional who knows how to work quickly and meet tight deadlines. I think you’ll enjoy working with Lydie on all your content in French.”

Link to: Culture trip & Homestay in Paris

“A half day walking tour with Lydie was a perfect way to ‘meet’ Paris. It included some of Lydie’s favourite places, ideas of other spots to visit in our own time to suit our interests, practical tips on getting around and a chance to practice our bad French over a delicious Parisian brunch. I highly recommend ‘Lydie’s Paris’ walking tour as a fun and useful introduction to this amazing city.”

“Wow. Lydie. Was. Awesome. Can’t say enough how happy we were with this outdoor market experience. It was the highlight of our trip. Lydie was like an old friend that we hadn’t seen in awhile. And that was just after the first 5 minutes. She showed so much patience with the kids and made it fun for all of us. I will never forget the picnic in a hidden urban park. This was what I hoped to find on our family trip to Paris and thanks to Lydie we did.”

“When we were sorting through our pictures from the trip, Aga and I both agreed that the tour with Lydie was the best part of our whole trip! We really had a great time. Aga particularly loved getting the local advice. We went back to one of the restaurants Lydie suggested. It was our favourite restaurant in Paris, we went back twice. We are so grateful to Lydie for making it so special. She is not only offering a food tour, she is offering memories and that’s very special. Also, the food was wonderful.”

“Lydie was beyond exceptional! She is the ultimate host for Paris. She’s incredibly kind and generous, very knowledgeable of this amazing city, and really takes pride in researching the very best experience for her clients. My trip would not have been the same without Lydie’s expert guidance and assistance!! If you are going to be in Paris for any length of time, booking time with Lydie is mandatory!”

Link to: Culture trip & Homestay in Paris

“Lydie is a wonderful host, and her home was the perfect place to stay in Paris. The room is exactly as Lydie describes, lovely and authentic, and it was great to come home to a clean, comfortable space at the end of every day. The neighborhood is extremely safe, and everything is within reach”

“Lydie was extremely welcoming from the get go! Her apartment is just as lovely as it looks in the pictures. The bedroom was bright and spacious with the comfiest beds and pillows. She really makes you feel at home. The area surrounding her apartment gives you a fantastic taste of Paris as it’s away from the super touristy area. I’d highly recommend a stay with Lydie’s for anyone who wants to see a more authentic Paris :)”

“Lydie is the epitome of a loving and caring host. The place is absolutely beautiful, secure neighbourhood, close to bus and metro, highly recommended.”

“Staying with Lydie was a remarkable and memorable experience. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt welcomed and very at ease in her home. With Lydie, you get everything her profile offers: she is a totally genuine and thoughtful host. I recommend her 100%.”

“This was certainly one of the best homestay experiences I ever had. Not only that Lydie’s flat was in the perfect location for me, very pretty and immaculately clean! What happened is that I found a new friend. Lydie showed me around her neighbourhood, proofed to be a perfect hostess and guide to the city. She has innumerable tips on hand for her visitors, and has great taste. I really loved my stay in Paris and will surely be back and stay at Lydie’s. Highly recommended for those who would like to have an authentic experience of Paris – off the beaten track.”

“This is definitely the perfect experience for my journey in Paris. Having nice conversations with Lydie was amazing. She is absolutely nice and chic French lady. The room is exactly as the photos show and it offers everything you need, like hair drier, umbrella, traveling books, towels, etc. Lydie is the sweetest person. The apartment’s location is also fantastic, metro line 3 is within 3 min walk and it will get you anywhere you want. Also there is an organic supermarket just downstair the apartment, quite convenient.”

“Lydie is an exceptional host and made us very welcome. This is our second stay with Lydie and once again she made us feel at home in her lovely appartement. Thank you :)”

“Lydie was an exceptional host and her home was a wonderful place to spend time. The neighborhood is interesting and nice. Lydie was very good at recommending good places to go and making sure that one is comfortable and happy. I stayed for almost a month and grew to love the space! ”

“Lydie is an amazing host! She helped us since the beginning, she gave us very specific indications and recommended many places to go. She is such a sweet and interesting person and no doubt the best host I have ever found in homestaying.”

“We enjoyed our stay with Lydie very much. Instructions to find her address in Paris were clear and easy to follow, and much appreciated. We thought Gambetta was a charming suburb. Lydie was very helpful in introducing us to local features, transport, gardens and specialty shops, which helped to make our stay enjoyable and stress free. Our accommodation was very neat and clean. We loved staying with Lydie. ”

“Lydie is an excellent host, very friendly and nice. She is also very helpful, organised and diligent and works hard to make ones stay very pleasant. Her flat has a good atmosphere and the neighbourhood feels safe, and convenient with the metro, a supermarket, restaurants, and cafes close by. Lydie’s flat is clean, and quiet and the bed is very comfortable. Also the kitchen, living room, bedroom and shower are excellent. I really enjoyed my stay and I would recommend anyone to stay with Lydie, because she is a lovely person and her flat has everything one could ask for.”

“This was my first homestay experience and I’m enthusiastic. Lydie’s home was very pretty and perfectly clean (all the equipment was new and clean) and at the same time Lydie has been a perfect host, very kind and very helpful! Lydia speaks excellent perfect Italian. The location is very convenient with all kind of transport possibilities. I can’t recommend Lydie’s apartment highly enough and would be very happy to stay with her again next time I visit Paris.”

“Lydie is a wonderful host! I was super happy and very lucky to stay at her place, Lydie was very kind and very helpful. I felt very much at home! The location is very convenient with all kind of transport possibilities.”

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