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Breakthrough experiences combining
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the immersion in the beauty of Paris
and comforting support services for expats in France.

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Hello! I am Lydie, the founder of “A Good Life in Paris.” I have a wealth of experiences spanning four continents, and a passion for cultural diversity. I have dedicated my life to introducing people to the richness of other cultures, and helping them grow into their best selves. My mission: empowering you to thrive in France!

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Lydie Francart

Certified Holistic Life Coach

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Benefit from holistic life coaching

Discover the peace, the voice of your soul, the wisdom within you. Move through perceived obstacles, resolve challenges, make positive changes, align with your deepest values, and live your best life!

Experience an authentic cultural immersion

Become more familiar with local culture and custom.  Get acquainted to the day to day Parisian life. I will help you fit into France’s culture at your own time and pace.

Discover Paris as an insider

Discover the beauty, the culture, the history of this beautiful, romantic City of Light. Live unique experiences. On this adventure of self-discovery and the life-enhancing encounter with Paris, enrich your life, your body and your soul.

Thrive in France

You already live in France, or you have a dream to live here, for a short stay or a life time. I am your comforting and trusted support in France. Together, we create your new reality!

Improve your French

According to your wish, I help you acquire basic, good or advanced communication skills in French through private French lessons catered to your needs and interests. You will also have many opportunities to practice while discovering the city with me!

Revitalize with comfort

Relax during your retreat in my confortable apartment, in a great neighbourhood called ‘Gambetta’ in the 20th arrondissement (municipal district) of Paris. This area is famous for its authentic, cosmopolitan, artistic and ‘village-like’ spirit.

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