Lydie Francart

“What I like the most in life is to introduce people to the richness of other cultures, and help them feel good, grow and reveal their best self to the world.”

I have a wealth of experiences living and working on four continents. I lived in the USA, Japan, Brazil and Italy. I learned five foreign languages, and have a strong appreciation of cultural diversity. I am passionate about connecting people across different countries. I also love pedagogy and I taught French as a foreign language in Japan. I hold a BA in Economics and IT, a Master degree in International Business and a Master degree in Translation.

I worked in the corporate world in the IT industry for eleven years, at global levels as sales executive and marketing director. I then have been a business associate in the contemporary art world, a marketing consultant for various industries, and I supported foreigners to relocate in Paris. Most recently, I spent two years in Italy working closely with the late Stefano Bellotti, one of the pioneer of natural wines and an extraordinary man. During my career, I hired and mentored many young people and really loved it. For the last seven years, in parallel to my consulting activities, I have also successfully run my own guest house, welcoming more than two hundred people from all over the planet, and consistently obtaining 5-star reviews.

I am a living example that a life does not have to be linear; it can go in all directions, change often, and be nevertheless happy and successful. I can therefore support people facing changes in their life, and help them transform it for the better, through a safe, gentle process. Today, I gathered all my life experiences, competencies and passions to create ‘A Good Life in Paris’. I will use all my skills to help you create your dream life in my city, or anywhere else in the world!

A positive attitude.

With my mentor Alan Cohen (Hawaï, USA, Sept. 2018)

My education in holistic life coaching

“With my holistic approach, I am able to go deeper in my support, and help my clients be successful in their projects and become better, more happy and serene human beings.”

I started my path of personal and spiritual growth many years ago, through a lot of travelling, reading, yoga, and the practice of the traditional Japanese Way of Tea, deeply rooted in Zen Buddhism.

I discovered in 2017 the work of the amazing scientific authors Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton, pioneers in bridging science, spirituality and human potential. I then became an advanced student with Dr. Joe Dispenza. I am also very inspired by the teachings of Esther Hicks and Louise Hay.

Finally, I have started in 2018 the Life Coaching program of the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching founded and directed by Alan Cohen. I absolutely love Alan’s philosophy and way of coaching, and I feel blessed to have received the teaching and support of such an amazing master coach and man. I became a Certified Holistic Life Coach in April 2019. I also developed strong links with the other great coaches of my training, and this “family” is for me a very important support to carry out my activities as a coach.

I feel that life coaching is the cement that holds my whole “A Good Life in Paris” project together. I have today the knowledge and intuition to help my clients really understand their resistance, their limited patterns and beliefs system. I also have tools and experience to help them raise their consciousness, understand their own power energy, connect to their inner wisdom, align with their deepest values, experience transformation, and achieve greater fulfillment and joy.

My passion for Japanese Tea Ceremony

Harmony, Respect, Purity, Tranquility.

The traditional Japanese “Way of Tea”, or Sadô in Japanese, is an elegant art and a harmonious philosophy deeply rooted in Zen Buddhism. I like to compare its practice to an active meditation.

I discovered Sadô in 2001, while I was living and working in Japan. I practiced it weekly for three years with an amazing 83 years old teacher, named Tsuboi Sensei (our school is called ‘Hayami Ryu‘, headquartered in Kyoto). With Sensei and other students, we were occasionally performing ceremonies in public, and it was quite unusual for a ‘Gaijin’ (foreigner) to do so at that time. Today, I continue to practice Sadô whenever I go to Japan, and I participate to events aiming at promoting this philosophy in Japan and Europe. 

Practicing this art did not only bring a lot of beauty, harmony and serenity into my life. It also opened my mind and spirit even more to kindness, compassion and wisdom. Moreover, the practice of ‘Omotenashi’ (the outstanding Japanese hospitality, at the core of Tea Ceremony), provided me with a great sense of services: every service is from the bottom of the heart – honest, no hiding, no pretending.

Demonstration at Keio Department Store (Tokyo, Japan, March 2018)

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